About our Company

Tasker Agency facilitates lucrative business relationships, and crafts attention-getting marketing strategies, for high-end interior designers, artists, and manufacturers. We have a wealth of experience in the luxury market and well-established relationships with some of the most notable names in the industry.

While “licensing” and “PR” are terms that have been somewhat tarnished in recent years, we practice these disciplines in a way that restores to them their proper meaning and importance. Through our skill, experience, and connections, we help luxury brands gain greater awareness, get more market share, and develop valuable partnerships.

Working in concert with our sister company, PuTTin OuT, a highly successful digital creative agency and social media marketing firm, we utilize the whole spectrum of marketing activities to build or revitalize brands:

  • Graphic design and logo development
  • Social media outreach and content
  • Print advertising
  • Tradeshows, events and exclusive parties
  • National and trade magazine spreads
  • Television appearances
  • Interviews
  • Public appearances

Tasker Agency is a global firm with a presence on three continents and in eight countries. We understand the challenges – and the rewards – of growing and maintaining international visibility in multiple languages.

The "Idea Bank"
With such a deep reservoir of experience and time-tested best practices, Tasker Agency has earned this nickname from clients who turn to us for sage advice and can’t-miss strategies.

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Our Services

Whether you need brand development, , conference hosting, digital media marketing or an introduction to a key industry player, we inject your business with new life by using standard marketing tools in very unique and creative ways. 

Marketing + Promotions

Our team of experienced graphics professionals can create fresh, innovative ads, postcards, and promotional materials that raise your brand above the noise and ensure that you are heard.

Brand Development

As you prepare to launch a full-fledged licensing campaign, a polished, stylish branding guide is an absolute necessity.  Often referred to as “Brand Bibles,” these documents get the attention of manufacturers and show them you mean business.

Logo Design

We are visual creatures. Just as important as anything you say to a potential customer or partner is that memorable image that perfectly represents your brand voice. We have been creating logos since 1999 and are well-versed in both the history of the craft and the latest trends in design.

Public Relations

If you’ve got a great brand or product but no one hears about it, your business is going nowhere. Our stellar public relations team knows the luxury market well and can help you form new relationships with uniquely nuanced public relations practices.


So you have developed your idea, created your logo and branding, and cultivated an  audience. But the real ignition switch is licensing. We don’t just know how to nurture the relationships that help put your collection on store shelves, we have had tremendous success doing it.

Event Planning

Have your cake and eat it too! Our event planning services meet all of your needs, from printed promotional materials and social media campaigns to online and local engagements, extended partnerships, sponsorships, and even cake testing and custom cocktails just for your brand!

Conference Hosting

Have you ever thought you’d be the perfect speaker, contributor, or sponsor for a major conference? We can make that happen! We handle everything from targeting attendees to securing sponsors.


Maybe you have the right team in place but just need someone to fine-tune your marketing plan? We can quickly assess where your brand has veered off course and tell you what it will cost to refill your tank with the best fuel on the market.

Digital Media Marketing

A strong online presence is one of the most critical factors for developing a successful brand. Tasker Agency is tightly integrated with our sister social media marketing firm, PuTTin’ OuT. PuTTin’ OuT has an unrivaled record of success in getting luxury brands the positive attention they need to thrive.

Print Media

Need a fresh look for your tired, traditional printed media? Want your print media to captivate? Go viral? Coordinate with your social media or digital campaign? Our innovative organic social media campaigns, when combined with print media, get – and keep –  the attention of any audience we target.

Graphic Design

An image is worth a thousand words… and then sum. {Yep, we meant $um.}  Our graphics team will make sure that everything from your social media graphics and cover photos to printed materials, videos, and visuals all match your Brand Bible and keep your audience visually engaged and coming back for more.

Artist + Interior Design Management

Are you an artist or interior designer wondering how to grow your business? We partner with talented artists, architects, and interior designers to manage their careers so they can focus on creating masterpieces for their clients.

Our Work

In our many years in the business, we have had the opportunity to work with an array of amazing clients. Browse our portfolio to understand the depth and breadth of what the Tasker Agency provides to clients and their luxury brands.

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Our Wonderful Clients

We try not to drop names, which is difficult because we work with some of the most influential tastemakers in the luxury products and design business. Our success in getting their brands into the spotlight has made them not just clients, but lifelong friends and supporters.

Meet The Team

We’ve assembled the most knowledgeable, most connected, and most effective team in the business. But just as importantly, we’ve ensured that it is made up of great people who you’ll love working with.

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Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas.

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